“Can I Lose Weight By Eating Costco Cheesecake?” A Poem of Facts.

I am addicted to you, oh so so good things.

Your cheesecakes, your milk chocolate. The happiness it brings,

Your white version Taco Bell, caramel apple empanadas,

Your salt and vinegar chips, more addictive than marijuana,

Your Cheesecake Factory five-cheese pasta satiates my palate,

Your coffee-flavored M&Ms that I had to get by submitting a ballot,

Your sugary Panda Express chow mein and your In-n-Out chocolate-vanilla shakes,

Your food just makes me have all kinds of sugar aches,

Your cheeseburgers! So warm to the touch,

Your Costco cheese pizza un-ruining my lunch.

So the moral is: Just eat whatever the heck you want!

No diet that can keep me away from my food confidant.

Don’t you dare try to change what I love,

And to answer your question that you typed in above,

No. It’s too addictive. It’s also high in sugar, carbs and fat,

But who cares?! Go away! I am so done with this silly chat.


Superficial Likeness

It’s the surface,

It gleams and shines,

It doesn’t explain quality,

It’s just words that you know,

Feeling that you felt,

A place you’ve been,

A thought you processed.

You know that you are capable,

That you are a good enough person,

But the world just wants you to be bold,

So bold that you are almost a different person.

You succeed, you worry, you sweat, you love,

But you fail sometimes.

That’s life. It doesn’t mean you are done,

It means that you need more strength,

More practice, more support, more love.

It is superficial that the world cannot tell you otherwise.

That if it was easy versus if it was given to you.

The kindest people are often the most talented.

In what field, I do not know.

Small Gatherings With Myself (Haiku Version)

The breeze blows southwest

My hair dances all around

I jump into night

The morning is cold

I pull my jacket closer

I miss the white snow

Ocean roars ahead

Sand at my pale toes and hands

Miss your company

Paint your face perfect

Boobs always be very big

Smile for the boys

Wash your neck and sit

He carries the ax high up

Goodbye my true love

I push sun hard

Hey! Come at me bro!

He burns me alive

Music wafts through halls

Many steps increase in speed

Teach me to play it


The plane ticket in my hands- my body trembles
Just knowing that you are nearby- my brain resembles
A possibility of hope that seems childish and ill-gotten
Just thinking of you and all of me that you have forgotten
The ray of sunshine that you used to place in me -couldn’t be there anymore
but it still is
I think that you will turn to me – write to me -talk to me – it just doesn’t come
I know that you are away with someone thinking that we are done
Happier that when you used to tell me everything including your love-
We were together for this time that I thought would last forever
Friendship, then marriage, then death, whichever
Came first in the line that I thought in my mind and it was killing me to want to know what you thought
You thought differently. As a part of me couldn’t see what was really happening.
You came and conquered then told me to step away
Backed me up to a corner and forgot to say
that you were goin’, leaving me in an emotional mess
Decided to call it quits before I took my pawn out in chess
Who can I take out that wouldn’t end up in your lies
when you cheated, and sneaked your way to a grandiose size
and killed my king without saying ‘check’
Too late to notice and too soon to grab the neck
and say that the game was unfair- retrace your steps
while I declare-
The simple truth and backtracked the way
That you fought the long battle of the day
Without consideration of my level- as meek as it is
To go about the struggle and make a quiz
Of my easiness on you- your mind, your heart
I loved you so much. I loved you with all my heart
Until we played that game of chess one day
When I caught you in some man’s lap kissing passionately
I took out my queen and disregarded the rules
I shouted and screamed while your new boyfriend, that fool
Punched my face until the blue made a hue
I lost the game of chess that day.
I was made clear to see that your beautiful veneer
on that mahogany board you owned
was nothing other than cheap glaze, my dear
So I stand with that plane ticket in hand,
And I smile at the fact that you will not be there when I land.

NOTE: Visiting California this weekend. Don’t know how to feel. Don’t know who to tell. And these lyrics need work… Started off as a rap song and ended up as some kind of spoken-word thing… Rap lyrics are hard to write. Oh, and the end needs work. What kind of person just leaves with no other context? So like, that needs better buildup.