This Day & On…

I had the most productive weekend I have had in a long time. The most important of which was me cleaning and organizing my stuff. Just settling into my apartment. I also wrote in my journal which was also long overdue. Another important task was getting a lot of stuff out of my computer and putting it into an external hard drive. I have been meaning to do that since 2015. Oops. Better late than never.

What’s important about me cleaning up my laptop is that it can run faster now. With all the crap outta it, I can use it to start my coding. I am starting to get serious about it. I know the path I am going to take. I am going to learn on my own through one website. Period. It will be a good indicator if this is what I want for my future. The industry is booming, why not expand with it? I will get a new laptop down the road, but it won’t be for a while as I have a lot of expenses to take care of. (I spent $300 this weekend on essentials for my car and undergarments… ugh…) It’s okay though. I have faith that I will catch up sooner or later. Maybe in three months…

But back to the coding. I am going to take it seriously. I am going to take all my interests seriously from now on. I have the support. I have the motivation. I have a lot of stuff. I really don’t need to be spending any money on anything as I have already horded everything that I would ever need.

I am going to Vegas this weekend. I am excited. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our one year together. Vegas doesn’t really describe us as a couple, but we sure as hell like doing strange things together.

I want to simplify. I have too much stuff in my life. Mainly clothes and books. I don’t ever lose enough weight to want to wear the clothes that I can no longer fit. I think I should give it up and just donate them. I want a small closet. A modest space.



The Way I Read

The way I read is slow, uncomfortable and distracted. I am slow because I want every word to linger and connect in my mind. I am uncomfortable because I fidget and cannot sit still when reading for long periods of time. I am distracted because I am most likely thinking of other things besides the plot of the book that pertain to my life. I can’t read without putting different limbs to sleep. I can’t read when there is an annoying bird outside my window chirping. I can’t read when I am in high emotional states. I can’t read when I am in physical pain. There are many excuses. These seem negative, but once in a while, I look past the excuses. I honestly just like reading the book’s content and story. I make judgments about liking the plot, characters and writing. I trudge through the slow, agonizing parts because I believe that it will get better. I take my time with books I like. Perhaps too long. I have stacks and stacks of unread beauties on my bookshelf, just waiting to be read. I like how some books transport me into the minds of the characters. And if the book is first-person, you better believe that I will absorb his or her attitude on life. I will walk around as if I am the character, inside their mind. Thinking their thoughts. Thinking their feelings. Unleashing their attitude and words on my world. Sometimes it can be frustrating or even dangerous. I can be a sponge like that. And that, makes reading worth it. It’s worth it to just be somebody else, even if it is for a short while. And when I feel like I should be in my own skin, I don’t read as much… I escape through another medium: television. It’s not as intellectually potent or labor intensive, but it is a quick substitute to escape from my world.

My drug of choice.

Some helpful information about reading books and why they are so good for your brain: