What the What?

My assistant at work annoys me sometimes. I was so excited about getting these tickets at 10am for a comedian I really like. For some reason, she and the nurse were in my room and watched me buy them. Seventh row. Expensive seats for me and my boyfriend. Then the nurse is unsure if she should buy tickets and then my assistant says in a loud voice, “Wouldn’t it be cool if all of us go?” I cringe a little. She seems so desperate to make friends. The nurse finally decides to buy them. Then my assistant buys a ticket. I am so annoyed… Why does she make me feel so angry? She didn’t even hear about this until today and she is making plans for us. She didn’t say how much she loved the comedian or anything. She just wanted to force herself to come to a show that I was excited about because the nurse did it. It makes me a bit upset. My sister is like her and I don’t care for how my sister acts too. Being in a social field, I wonder if she gives a shit about our clients. She judges them harshly. What is she trying to be? Stop bossing me around. Know your place.

P.S. She has an annoying laugh…


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