A Lifetime Supply of Words

Ever since August, I have been teaching myself how to type faster. First, I needed to type “the proper way” which is just the regular way so that I would look at the screen instead of looking at the keyboard as I type. I still make mistakes and I still get frustrated. It has been a long journey to learning something so simple and often taken for granted by people who learned to type the proper way young. I am happy to say the I am typing this the proper way, at around the same pace as the other way that I have done for so many years. It helped that I practiced every day at work and tried to slow down my fast tendency to learn things. I am glad that I did this and I hope that I can reach 70 words per minute instead of the 40-45 that I do now. I am just happy that I can type and not look at the keyboard anymore. ^.^


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