What Makes It Worth My Time…?

Time, energy, dedication, hard work, passion…

All things you do not foster in me. Things that you do not foster in yourself or the people around you.

How can you expect me to be here if you do not hold my hand a little bit and tell me what you want?

How can you expect me to read your vague mind and bitter attitude and turn that into a positive environment?

How is growth so easily mashed down into doing your bidding?

Do you not see my confused expression? Do you not hear my wavering voice?

I would like to help. I really would. I would like to see what I can make this place into. But I cannot do that if you yell when I don’t know what’s happening. I can’t help you if you have to always be the superior one- and will not apologize for it. I can’t help if you just want to do things the same old horrible way. I always have to tiptoe around your unusual moodiness.

You will always be this way… And that’s why I cannot do this anymore… Good luck, but I have made up my mind. I cannot drown here any longer while mind obsesses over your lack of advice and inability for kind tutorials. I cannot be better if you do not want to understand that I need to learn certain things.


P.S. Your office smells. >.<


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