The Almost Balcony Dive


Foals concert – 11/29/15   (balcony view)

He was rocking on the stage. His hair moving to the energy of the music he was playing. His feet twirling and stopping as if choreographed to be wild. There were fans screaming and waving their arms to the music. Fists pumped into the air, keeping time to the beat of the drums. And in the middle of it all, he suddenly stopped singing. He stopped strumming his electric guitar. The rest of the band started to repeat a hard melody over and over again. He walked off the stage with his electric guitar, walked down the steps of the side stage and disappeared into a side door. Was he peeing? Was he going to change his shirt? A minute later there were screaming fans in the top balcony. He had walked all the way upstairs and passed through the fans. They were all elated and in shock at the same time. Some using this moment to touch his person or to take blurry photos. He walked to the front of the upper balcony. He looked down at the fans below. Everyone was wondering what he was about to do. Mouths agape. He looked long and hard at the people below. No. He was not going to jump, or… was he? But what if those drunk fans don’t catch him safely or what if he falls onto that wooden divider?!  Alas, our rock star decides not to jump after a second glance. He goes back down to the first floor and another silence and confusion happens in his absence. Now he is at the back of the concert hall, he tosses his guitar to his skinny bodyguard, climbs said divider with tightrope accuracy and jumps into the back of the crowd. With hands touching every part of his body, they attempt to bring him back to the stage. They dropped him twice, one fall more dramatic than the last sink into the crowd. His excitement from the crowd surfing was nonstop. He was amazing; he tried to stay high and aware all at once. He already did one stage dive and now this slightly epic moment occurs. Once the hands had returned him to the stage, the crowd goes wild. He receives his guitar back and completes the song that the other members have been prolonging in his absence.

He should have went for it.




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