Every year that comes around you get a bit older. You get a bit wiser.

The Defender Of Man (Dom) is a good person. Dom is not your average person. Dom likes to understand and take time to process the world around him. He is not a stranger to life’s pleasures, disappointments or problems. Dom can face the world without fear. Without much judgement. Without much skepticism. Dom knows who he is. Loyal and forgiving. Truthful and lighthearted. He is a friend, an enemy and a slap in the face rolled up into one person. He has his faults, though they seem minor, but he is loving and kind. Knowing that doesn’t say much for his tenacity or strong-will. He can be indecisive. He can be worried. He cares a little too much sometimes. He is not afraid to bring out his opinion. He can talk for hours about something that he knows. He educates without condescending you. Dom is his name.

He does something that I have seen others do. He stares aimlessly into the air at times. I wonder what he thinks about. I wonder if he can see me stare at him out of the corner of his eye. His expression looks calm, yet ready. Perhaps he thinks about what I think about: another world. Either happier or much more frightening, you can’t control it. You can’t be in the moment for some reason. Something takes you away. Something is much more pertinent than this moment now. Or perhaps you are day dreaming or sleepy. Well played, Dom. Well played.

Happy Birthday to The Defender of Mankind.


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