Uninspired: Part 1

This post was written in the future. It contains rants and other things.

I was sorta busy but not really. I have not been feeling like writing at all this past week. Like zero percent. I have actually thought of some decent things to write about but when I put my hands on the keyboard, I am lost.

The day is Saturday.

Today I hung out with her. The friend who acts like my friend. She is nice. I don’t ever run out of things to say. We talked a lot about things I liked. She showed interest. We explored. I almost got into a car accident. We found funny penguin cups. We saw babies. We talked about doing the things that we thought that we would never do. Thought prejudice. I really had a nice time.

A note on how I think:

Have you ever told yourself that you would never do something because it was something “lame” “mainstream” “because your parents did it” or “against your core values of being awesome” ? I have. Only to realize that I liked it or would totally pay big money for it. Those are the feelings that I regret sometimes. The feeling of being against something without actually trying it. The sad part is that I keep having that feeling.


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