Halfway through NaBloPoMo…

So when this month started, I was hesitant to begin Nablopomo. (National Blog Posting Month) First thing was when I thought it was called Nanoblogmo, only to realize ten days in that that was a completely separate thing. Oops.

Second, there have been a few “make up days” for when I can’t post something on the correct day. (Ahem, yesterday for example. I change the dates. You are not crazy. I was getting ready for a bridal shower and was busy all day) But I’m really happy with my effort so far. I am surprised with the stories that have come out of me.

Third, I have no rules to my blog postings so far. I have not consulted any websites about it. I am just letting what I naturally feel like writing to just materialize into typed words on a page. I guess if I have any goals for the rest of NaBloPoMo it would be to have well structured blogs or, I guess I would like to say, stepping out of my comfort zone and writing about topics that I usually don’t write about. Create or get a silly prompt from the internet and start writing about it. I always feel like I am running out of ideas. haha.

I hope that I will continue with my daily blogging for the rest of the month and my efforts to just always keep writing. There are blog posts that I like over others. Feel free to ask me what they are. 🙂

-The Human Girl


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