Teacher, Teach Me

They said that I needed to know the year the fall of the Roman Empire happened. I did.

They said that studying makes you smart. So I studied.

They said that the grade on this test matters. I took them seriously.

They said that college was your ultimate goal. That’s where I went.

They said that your behavior reflects on your ability to beĀ a good student. I was obedient.

They said that if you got in trouble a lot that you can never succeed. I was a good girl.

They said that rote memory was important. I memorized things perfectly.

They said that learning all the hard subjects early would prepare you better for life. I learned them.

They said that multiple choice exams were the best way to take an exam. I preferred them.

They never said that opinions were what helped you learn the most.

They never said that adjusting to something you hated studying wasn’t worth learning.

They never said that I would need to develop my passions or dislikes early on.

They never said that emotional health was as important to learning as physical health.

They never said that I wasn’t just going through a phase when I dropped out of the hard classes.

They never said that I needed to know how to be an adult: with a job and bills to pay.

They never said that I was going to fail if my heart wasn’t in something.

They never said that the beginningĀ struggles of my career shouldn’t define the end result.

They never said that you should be more comfortable with people like them.

They never said that I should learn how to listen to my body- what worked and what didn’t.

They never said that shyness can hurt you.

They never said that appearance was important in the real world.

They never said that who you know was just as important as your resume.

They never said that being independent adult was more than just money.

They never said that building connections/relationships with your peers or heroes was a great first step.

They never said that pushing yourself was a matter of many factors.

They never said some things that should have mattered.

They never said that something was wrong and they just didn’t know how to handle it.

I don’t remember the year the Roman Empire fell. And I never needed to…


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