Weeks Go By

Week 1:

nausea, blurry vision, sexual dysfunction starts and never ends, lack of skin sensitivity apparent, fatigue, bouts of insomnia
Week 2: extreme fatigue-just wanna lay in bed all day, weight gain, increased need to be around others, suicidal thoughts emerge, bouts of insomnia
Week 3: weight gain, extreme suicidal thoughts, thoughts of worthlessness, bouts of insomnia, hot hands at bedtime
Week 4: skin’s lack of sensitivity revisited, hot hands at bedtime, smelling inside of nose more, don’t want to do anything. Suicidal thoughts lessen. I feel like an empty shell most of the time.
Week 5: dizzying-headaches (most likely due to not eating what I normally do and less sleep), weight returns to normal, insomnia often, sense of smell settled a bit-I can breathe a little bit better, my obsession of being on time is relaxed, worry of sexual dysfunction is lessened
Week 6: A settling of dust that is my life has happened. Certain thoughts seem to justify themselves as being rational. My sense of smell is waaaay off sometimes. Dry mouth is becoming a problem.
Week 7: Some of my obsessions are questioned. I don’t feel like talking to you anymore.
Week 8: I don’t want to do things. I want to be things.
Week 9: Uninspired. I start to do things and don’t finish. I pull at my hair. I rip out my gums. Nervous ticks gone out of control.


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