The Large Bottle

She stared at the orange bottle. It housed 30 small pink pills. They were almost lost in the container, dwarfed by the large side of the prescription tube. She was almost excited about the possibilities of taking a dose. If she started today, she would feel better tomorrow… she hoped. She wanted to be optimistic. She tried everything else before getting fed up. She had a huge dinner and swallowed one pill. She woke up five hours later. “Why am I awake??” She feels strange. Restless. She tries to go back to sleep. She can’t. She is upset. She takes out her phone and looks up side effects of the drug. Nausea, restlessness, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, muscle spasms, irritated bladder, increased appetite, blurry vision and a couple of other things. These side effects should last about four weeks until the drug can settle in properly. She can’t believe how long her wait for happiness is going to take. She can barely operate her car. You know the feeling of falling in your sleep? Well, that’s how it feels all the time. She stares at things longer. She sat in front of her computer just staring at the screen for ten minutes. Doing nothing. How can such a tiny pill be so powerful? She isn’t looking forward to the weeks to come. How can the symptoms be so bad?

But she is still hopeful…


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