In this vast open land, I see a person. A person that is open and honest even if the consequences are against her. I can see where she stands, so elegant and unafraid. She spends her time looking around, not really saying much. She is alone and at times, stares at her phone to text back a short hello. Sometimes she laughs or smiles about something I cannot see or understand. Other times, she cries. She cries out of sadness, happiness, confusion and anger. I can never really ask her which affects her the most or the quickest. When I walk up to her, I can see that her eyes are tired. I can see that she is pleased to see me. I never feel hated. There are times when I have seen her angry at the world and at lies it cannot stop telling. She understands that it will never stop, but she will never succumb to that level of accepted dishonesty. I ask her where she will go after she stands. She looks away in a distant gaze and changes the subject. I think that she doesn’t think she can go anywhere else. She has stood here for so long that she doesn’t know where to go. She thinks that the world is filled with dishonest and distant people. I want to disagree but I don’t know how to defend my stance. When I hear her voice, it’s like listening to a person with a past untold. She looks more tired the longer I look and ask her questions. I feel tired after I hear her answer. Her elegant form becomes more slouched and chaotic. What does she wait for? Who does she wait for? Why does she wait only at this place? Does she do it because she is comfortable? Or just the opposite? Is it a penance? Does she know if she is lost? Or perhaps she has found herself a new home? I want to know her and I also don’t want to know her.

But she still stands. Seemingly waiting for the truth.

P.S. I did something terrible today.


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