Month: May 2015

You Fell Asleep

You fell asleep right before I mentioned what was bothering me. This incomplete thought. These narrow feelings. My anger surges alone, with no one to calm me. There are untold things that I need to say to you. I want your opinion. I want your concern. I just don’t want to be alone. I need you around me. I need your comforting voice. I need you to tell me that all the bad will end and all the good will come soon. I need you to tell me that you will listen and try to understand my misunderstood life. I miss you in the dark tonight. My window is open. Can you hear me howl in a somber longing? It’s not fair to think of you fast asleep in your bed while I stay awake thinking of you. I hug my knees and hope that you will answer that text or call me any minute. I know you won’t.