Free To Pop, Yet?

The eager ‘The Joint’ chiropractor says not to crack your own spine and you haven’t been for two weeks,
The terrible ‘Leggs’ pantyhose that you bought yesterday rips before you stuck your foot in it this morning,
The old ‘Tattered Cover’ cashier says that they are moving your favorite bookstore/getaway far away,
The cute ‘Best Buy’ guy says that they are out of screen protectors for your newly scratched phone,
The forgetful ‘Starbucks’ barista forgets that you ordered a drink and then makes it weird,
The bored ‘Clinique’ girl gave you a weird distant interaction as you purchase your expensive makeup,

The headache you got later, would not go away no matter what you did,

You know that you failed that group interview today and lost a day’s wages during that time.

Boy, do I want to crack my own neck… What a bad day.

P.S. Damn you present tense. Damn you verbs.


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