Month: January 2015


The plane ticket in my hands- my body trembles
Just knowing that you are nearby- my brain resembles
A possibility of hope that seems childish and ill-gotten
Just thinking of you and all of me that you have forgotten
The ray of sunshine that you used to place in me -couldn’t be there anymore
but it still is
I think that you will turn to me – write to me -talk to me – it just doesn’t come
I know that you are away with someone thinking that we are done
Happier that when you used to tell me everything including your love-
We were together for this time that I thought would last forever
Friendship, then marriage, then death, whichever
Came first in the line that I thought in my mind and it was killing me to want to know what you thought
You thought differently. As a part of me couldn’t see what was really happening.
You came and conquered then told me to step away
Backed me up to a corner and forgot to say
that you were goin’, leaving me in an emotional mess
Decided to call it quits before I took my pawn out in chess
Who can I take out that wouldn’t end up in your lies
when you cheated, and sneaked your way to a grandiose size
and killed my king without saying ‘check’
Too late to notice and too soon to grab the neck
and say that the game was unfair- retrace your steps
while I declare-
The simple truth and backtracked the way
That you fought the long battle of the day
Without consideration of my level- as meek as it is
To go about the struggle and make a quiz
Of my easiness on you- your mind, your heart
I loved you so much. I loved you with all my heart
Until we played that game of chess one day
When I caught you in some man’s lap kissing passionately
I took out my queen and disregarded the rules
I shouted and screamed while your new boyfriend, that fool
Punched my face until the blue made a hue
I lost the game of chess that day.
I was made clear to see that your beautiful veneer
on that mahogany board you owned
was nothing other than cheap glaze, my dear
So I stand with that plane ticket in hand,
And I smile at the fact that you will not be there when I land.

NOTE: Visiting California this weekend. Don’t know how to feel. Don’t know who to tell. And these lyrics need work… Started off as a rap song and ended up as some kind of spoken-word thing… Rap lyrics are hard to write. Oh, and the end needs work. What kind of person just leaves with no other context? So like, that needs better buildup.