Start by going that way. The way you want to go. I felt like I just woke up from a heavy dream. A dream that has lasted five years, maybe more. A nightmarish dream of weak mind. Succumbing to the detrimental sides of my psyche. What is this store I am in? I should be on a shelf, not perusing the wares. I should sell myself: my ideals, my appearance, my skills, my status, etc. Why should I be the one to buy when I can sell?

A dream is not a dream without a down to an up. Yes, just like that it changes. It’s not all bad, but not all good either. There are many ways to look at something. They don’t teach perspective in school. Not artistic perspective but emotional perspective. There is no class on just breathing and thinking strategies. The dream doesn’t teach you things you need to know, it just exposes what you don’t know.

You can do anything. You can begin again. You can rise. You might fall, but how you rise is more important than how you fall. Hypothetical wings guide you out of situations and needless worry. But, you can’t forget where you came from. How far you’ve gotten or who you pass by on your journey. Everything is important. Everything has a meaning. Even the wax in your ears deserves explanation. Jump ahead. See what you will get. What you will achieve. What you want to earn. They seem similar but can be used in separate ways.

Ups and Downs. What a day.


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