Thanks My Friend

She was someone who I thought stole my hard-earned spot. She came in and I was ignored, forgotten by the others. I didn’t have their history, their chemistry. I was an outsider when I tried to fit in. But then again, I never really felt like it was all that important to my group. I was missing something. Courage, interests, crazy teenager ideas, none of which I was defined as. But then, after a period of nonstop disappointments from my group of friends, coupled with a depressing period in my life, she stood out. The person who I thought had stolen my place in my group actually became much closer to me than anyone in the group I started out with. She wasn’t perfect, but no one was. She treated me like a friend more than any of them, even after graduation. We still kept in touch. We still hung out. She put in effort to see me. She put effort in my birthday presents. She explored logical ideas with me and although we had our arguments, it wasn’t off-putting. I admired her point of views, and the way she taught herself many things. Once in a while I tried to take interest in her world and did my best to be genuine about it. I tried to be honest and respectful. I tried to make her laugh and create inside jokes. Although she couldn’t help with all my problems, I didn’t expect her to. Sometimes just having the option to hang out with her made me feel less lonely and worried about my own life. She was an ear when I needed her to be. She was on my side when I was in arguments with others or with the world. She was there for me when I needed her to be, not all the time, but most of the time. She didn’t smother me or be needy like I sometimes am towards her. But I knew she was one of the few that cared about me as much as I cared about her. She has taught me many things, shared with me her stories and interests, got me to go to concerts I would have never gone to, take me to places that I wouldn’t have wanted to go alone… and for that, she is special to me. I hope that we will be friends for the rest of our lives. She keeps me informed. She keeps me interested. She keeps me in awe of her. Thank you my friend.

Happy Birthday to the Roman Goddess of Wisdom.


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