The monotony of life had  taken a toll on our heroine. The blackness of night came as a veil covering a bride’s face. She hoped that the veil would be lifted and show her something that she had looked forward to in her future. Something bright. A new tomorrow she hoped. But the veil kept covering her face. She waits to this day for it to be lifted. The veil of life anew. When she tries to peek through, so many emotions overcome her. Take her down. She goes down to her knees and weep for trying to do the impossible. She just simply can’t peek through. She knows that you can’t see your destiny or check on your fate in advance. Life is not like that. The black veil doesn’t budge from her face. She is so concerned about seeing through this dark cloth that she keeps tripping on the small patch of ground that she is able to see. Ever since her knowledge of this veil, she had tripped over her feet, scraped her knees, twisted her ankles and other things that could have been avoided. She gets back up every time; however, she goes about it the same way. She doesn’t look down and watch her steps. She doesn’t want to. She only worries about what’s to come to her from behind this veil that covers her eyes. Blood? What blood? She denies that she bleeds after she falls. Why make others worry the way she does? She should be the only one to worry about this opaque black veil over her face. And worry she does.


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