Month: February 2014

Beginner To Grass Trauma

This is my first post! But enough with the small talk, let’s get down to business.

There was a moment before the chaos. Many seeds planted with care. Either a man or a woman waters them every day. The seeds grow from their respected round pods into blades of life. They grow green, covering a square area near a driveway and sidewalk. They grow and grow and grow. Suddenly, they grow too long. A thunderous, knocking sound occurs. They are each cut, one by one. Unable to grow  their full length. Their full potential. They all give off a scent of death. The smell of “fresh-cut grass” as humans know it to be. But then, they return to their growing. Even though they know of each foretold shave, yet little by little, they still grow strong. Replacing their old selves with the new. However, the original spot that which they adhere to always stays the same. Rooted to the ground. Embedded in the soil for years to come.

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